12 for 2010

12 for 2010: a year

january, new york
february, atlanta
march, atlanta
april, atlanta
may, atlanta
june, atlanta
july, alabama
august, atlanta
september, chicago
october, atlanta
november, mississippi
december, atlanta

much love to you in 2011.



winter:  at my great grandmother's house, brooklyn, some december, in the 70's 

december is my birth month. it collides with christmas in a way that most people forget, and that is fine. as a kid, candles were blown out at a grandparent's house on new year's day. it was cold, and the sidewalk smelled frozen, and the night smelled dark blue and ashy like Brooklyn does sometimes at night.  later in life i spent my birthday "day" alone, at the Met, and then with the polar bears at the central park zoo. i would get a coffee, walk south to the boat pond and watch the kids sail their little wooden yachts.  in the evening,  i would meet up with friends on the lower east side, for something low key, usually a show.  i liked it that way.  i still do.  


time room

times square 
ingredients: lights buildings air steam sand darkness water wood steel paint shutter aperture hand wind shadow headlights speed crossing subway vents people wandering late night air february sea islands
coney island


hands that see - part 2

work by Georgia Tech First Year Design students, 12/10

hands are complicated. they feel and express. perform complicated tasks, rotate, bend, slide, compress, tense, flow, entwine, thrust, arch, pivot, think. they are complex structures to study - bones, tendons, joints, tensile, breathing skin.  they are hard to draw and paint. we studied hands through invention, in quick models, sketches and notes. how can one exploit the movements, expressions and structure of hands through sketching in two dimensions and three dimensions?



atlanta morning collage, 2010

painting with my children. everyday, they are learning about color, texture, composition and form. children have an innate grasp on abstract thinking.  more and more, i wonder if, by growing up, we *forget* that we have all the magic we need to see upon arrival. more in the weeks ahead and 2011....

wax dipped string watch, 2010


ten in 10

this is my hangout.  when the door is open to the porch, and the breeze blows through the house, i sit with my lap top and write. noise from the street, garden and georgia southern rail filters in and out. the subway rattles and the music from the gym on the corner wafts high and low. december is fickle in atlanta. cold one day. warm the next.  that's what i like about the urban south.  atlanta is unpredictable. quirky.  fast, not slow. and diverse.

in the last few weeks of december, just shy of a  *significant* birthday for me and the new year, everything stands out brighter and more luminous than the stresses and trials of the last few years. joseph campbell said, "If you follow your bliss, you put yourself on a kind of track that has been there all the while, waiting for you, and the life you ought to be living is the one you are living." 

ten in 10: simple gifts
1.    left the rat race - now running my own, personal marathon 
2.    boy kid one, girl kid two, my man and family
3.    a farm, a sea, a city, a garden
4.    painting, drawing, writing, - everyday
5.    walking to pick my son up from school
6.    paintings exhibited out and around atlanta for 6 of 12 months
7.    teaching gifted, college level students
8.    roller skates
9.    finally, almost learning to strum a ukulele. well kind of...
10.  new and old glorious friends, near and far

thanksgiving, 2010



slow, she goes.  perhaps i move too fast. i do too much, like a whirling rage. or a deep silent sea.

studies for works: water patterns: gulf of mexico


analysis of everyday movement

objects parts bodies situations.  
alarm clock.  umbrella.  stapler.  reading glasses.  bicycle bell.  corded phone.  models. drawing. photographs. writing. dissection.

for six weeks my students have studied these objects: how do we interact with them? with parts?  how does the body generate action in tandem with these objects?  how have they changed our daily schedules?

the objects have been dissected, photographed in film series, explored through drawings, writing, and words.  each part has been studied in response to an action, material and form.  and we have found a universe to recreate.  here are some beautiful photo studies of tiny actions, models and diagrams of movement.


hands that see

alarm clock

my students are learning how to see with their hands.  drawing.  this is their first year of college and their first year of studio.  we spend ten hours together a week, divided over two days.  Ten weeks ago they had never really worked with charcoal, let alone spent large amounts of time drawing.

twelve students are working in pairs.  each pair has an ordinary, every day object - an umbrella, a stapler, an alarm clock with old time bells, eye glasses...  they document everything about these objects through drawing, mapping, charting, dissecting the object, zooming in to the materials, learning about the manufacturing processes, stop motion photography of the object and body, and more.  we have been working on this project for a month.  here are some charcoal drawings that zoom in and imagine the surface textures of each of the object's parts.

i love this.