day in the life

most days.  something like this.  catching it all in a fleeting reflection.
painting. carrying. holding. 


contraptions for drawing tone

this week my small daughter and i built two, large, light-weight  hanging sculptures for my first year students. the students are beginning to learn about seeing value, tone and texture in drawing.
our construction rules:
*13 freshman - two large objects to be drawn in vine and compressed charcoal.
*40 minutes for me and the girl to construct  two 6' - 0"  x  3'-0" contraptions for drawing.
* lots of folds and texture.
*60 minutes to find materials.
*20 minutes to hang in first year studio and light properly
*be inspired by eva hess and kathy kelley in 20 minutes
*have a great time.
*wait until thursday's studio to see what the students draw this week.

thing one
thing two
thing one detail
thing two detail
inspiration: kathy kelley, 2008
inspiration: eva hesse, 1968


the difference between 50 and 80 I: - a micro story

These bones are not like those bones, heavy and box-like, heaving under breath and skin.  These bones - mine - are small and narrow. His are thick with age. Amidst the beeps and flickers of monitors and lights he is restless.  I have held this hand a thousand times before, rolled this knuckle between forefinger and thumb, mapping it's outcroppings and valleys.  Eyes.  Two brown pools that teased, enticed one with promise and unfathomable depth.  And if depth could be described as sound, his eyes were a slow steady pulsing, like a soft tether drum, or the recessed shallows of a heartbeat.

In the distance the doctor's voices sound like footsteps on  carpet, muffled yet deliberate.  They talk about the difference between fifty and eighty.



ten years

  a small stone church in a field near a big river.   
~ ten words ~
 *dress (c.1968)*astilbe*us*dance*sing*hudson*river*sun*rain*paris*
~ ten years ~
september 02, 2000