analysis of everyday movement

objects parts bodies situations.  
alarm clock.  umbrella.  stapler.  reading glasses.  bicycle bell.  corded phone.  models. drawing. photographs. writing. dissection.

for six weeks my students have studied these objects: how do we interact with them? with parts?  how does the body generate action in tandem with these objects?  how have they changed our daily schedules?

the objects have been dissected, photographed in film series, explored through drawings, writing, and words.  each part has been studied in response to an action, material and form.  and we have found a universe to recreate.  here are some beautiful photo studies of tiny actions, models and diagrams of movement.


hands that see

alarm clock

my students are learning how to see with their hands.  drawing.  this is their first year of college and their first year of studio.  we spend ten hours together a week, divided over two days.  Ten weeks ago they had never really worked with charcoal, let alone spent large amounts of time drawing.

twelve students are working in pairs.  each pair has an ordinary, every day object - an umbrella, a stapler, an alarm clock with old time bells, eye glasses...  they document everything about these objects through drawing, mapping, charting, dissecting the object, zooming in to the materials, learning about the manufacturing processes, stop motion photography of the object and body, and more.  we have been working on this project for a month.  here are some charcoal drawings that zoom in and imagine the surface textures of each of the object's parts.

i love this.