collages and constructs

we recycle. i prime scraps of canvas and paint them. all summer i've been making a stack of squares for  5 new works. on the tables in my studio the assembly of the backgrounds are taking form. laying out the pieces takes days. i write numbers on the backs, put them together, walk away and then change my mind. it feels more like a jig saw puzzle that sits in one's living room all summer long, waiting for the next connecting piece to make itself visible. it's been enjoyable. eventually they will be paint collages, with strategically placed small drawings in black lead and water wash, minimal stitching and pins. each one will be combined into a 24" long canvas mounted on stretchers. there will be figures, washes of black, minimal additions of paint, and most likely,  trace lines and small marks i have not thought of yet. 

while working in the studio and other places around my house, my children have been making things all summer too. lots of things. today they are busy making a boat. 

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