speed of light

light in august. light  travels at 186,262 miles per second or 299,792,485 metres per second.  per the current law of gravitational waves, it is the maximum speed which all energy in the universe can travel. it is thought to be the speed of gravity too, which in turn holds our bodies to the ground. i am an earth body, born in december under an earth sign. i long for the sky and the sea but i am secretly taken by spots of dirt and texture and the speed at which ground is changing even while i think i am standing still. here are photographs of one patch of field taken in the span of one second. yesterday morning the heat of the green and yellow chroma in proportion to values of light and dark were gorgeous, for a second...but it is the subtle undercurrents of red in the shadows and light that intrigue me. red suggests the depth and movement of the surface left behind by the light.