four weeks - teaching

drawing isn't necessarily about making marks. 
sometimes it is about carefully removing material to expose hidden light.
we are learning to draw by erasing. 
vine charcoal, compressed charcoal, cut white erasers, and kneaded erasers
taping the surface  -  making paper table cloths.
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we imagine light through glass and water.
we imagine deep circles of light.
we imagine light in section and elevation.
we imagine habitable spaces, effected by time.
 after drawing and removing we analyze our work. 
we check our lines, created spaces, light and shadows.
we extract elements from this study and transform these ideas into three dimensional studies.
we work in paper. with real light and shadow.
and then we imagine the scale of the paper sculptures we are creating. 
is it big or small?
and we photograph our studies to understand the minute and vast spaces we have created through a process of transformation and inquiry.
school of architecture, georgia institute of technology.
common first year  - prof. crawford studio, fall 2011

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  1. Nice process. Hope they're getting their new 'super vision' easily! It'll come in handy later.