details of finished paintings in a current series.

a paint swell is coming on. 
for me, that means a lot of painting ideas hit me at once. and it means i have a deep desire to turn off everything around me and stay inside the studio for a long time, without interruption or responsibilities. it pulls at me while i do other important things during the day and makes me want to abandon everything else. 
 i call them swells, because they come at me, like the ocean. like waves from nowhere.

a swell, in terms of an ocean or body of water, is a series of surface gravity waves that is not generated by local wind or environment. they come in a rhythm, based upon their own velocity and speed. 

so painting ideas comes to me like this. they move in fast and i try to capture them, in a note or a thumbnail sketch. i have a little black book that i carry around and i use one of my favorite architectural pens to draw a tiny thumbnail, much like i would when designing a small spatial moment in a building. 
i scribble notes about the size of the canvas, or the overall form and the rest is really a mystery. 
everything else begins later when the paintings start talking.
new page in the sketchbook.


  1. Oh goodness. Cool. Salmon swimming downstream. Enjoy the swell. See you in a month or six.

  2. enjoy
    rush, energy, power
    bathe in creativity’s flow
    appears from nowhere yet everywhere
    internalized, externalized, personal, awashed, for all
    desiccated frozen provinces haunt, await, devour hesitation
    ride those waves, the surges, the SWELL
    turn off everything, switch it on
    for us
    too scared
    too focused
    too accountable
    to recall

  3. Dearest Mockstar and Anonymous: thank you for the most beautiful comments on my blog. See you when I surface.