giving: a photo essay

i do not watch television, and have not watched it in four years. (except for presidential speeches).
 i'd rather walk around with my camera and see what the world is showing at the moment. 
for me, capturing the small is giving a view of a moment that we may miss. 
i like watching the world this way.

portraits of a day.


two hands four hands

make an object that can be used by two hands, 
or four hands and that performs multiple movements over time.
materials: paper, cardboard, rubber, dowels, thread/stitches, tape, paper clips. 
minimal amount of glue allowed, joints constructed to be stable.

student work from common first year, Georgia Institute of Technology School of Architecture. 2011


objects move us

we move objects. objects move us.

we move through this body, each of us. how do we use it? how does it move? how many movements does a finger make to pull a string? how many subtle shifts in pressure and position does it take for us to open a bottle? do we notice the shift in our weight on our legs as we turn something with our hands?

we move objects. objects move us.

simple everyday objects mark our skin, change our muscles, and interact with us daily. they weigh upon us like temporary tattoos pressing skin.  how many movements will a finger make? and will mine move like yours? what is comfort? what is sturdy? what feels good to hold and why?  how many movements will our hands, arms and bodies make to pick up one simple object?

distilling everyday movements of hand held objects
 through explorations in
models, motion and film strip photo series.

student work from common first year, Georgia Institute of Technology School of Architecture. 2011


paint sketch

this morning, before coffee. a little quiet paint session.

yesterday, in progress.

there are 10 canvases in progress hanging in the house. then i have some masonite panels on the paint tables in the house and out in the studio. there is a large folder of drawings. and a little map of a show layout that i keep changing. in the summer i will have a 3 month show in atlanta. so i am painting and drawing and teaching. i love it. the exhibition space is big enough for me to have large works and small works from a few series hanging. the space is interesting enough that i can make small galleries of works. but the best part is being in the studio, whether part of it has moved to the house or stays in the studio out there in the garden.

this piece is small. (4) six inch masonite panels. oil, some acrylic and graphite.
today i'll work some red hue in, and a few washes of something. later, i'm moving on to a series of 18 paint sketches on heavy paper.

two nights ago, before the green. 

what i like about masonite it that the paint sits on the surface. color layering is different when i work on masonite. so i build it up differently than i would on canvas. once the piece is varnished, the deeper hues will surface under the washes. and that is always a surprise - when a purple-red, floats longingly under washes of tinted white.