objects move us

we move objects. objects move us.

we move through this body, each of us. how do we use it? how does it move? how many movements does a finger make to pull a string? how many subtle shifts in pressure and position does it take for us to open a bottle? do we notice the shift in our weight on our legs as we turn something with our hands?

we move objects. objects move us.

simple everyday objects mark our skin, change our muscles, and interact with us daily. they weigh upon us like temporary tattoos pressing skin.  how many movements will a finger make? and will mine move like yours? what is comfort? what is sturdy? what feels good to hold and why?  how many movements will our hands, arms and bodies make to pick up one simple object?

distilling everyday movements of hand held objects
 through explorations in
models, motion and film strip photo series.

student work from common first year, Georgia Institute of Technology School of Architecture. 2011

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