day - photo essay with words

what is a day?
is it a time to wake early and head to work?
and feel the
or see the signs?
is it ordinary,
full of objects and sounds that are familiar?
or things less ordinary?
perhaps you remember who you are and where you have been?
and you do not worry about where you are going,
the light is special and brightens everything.
and you declare that on this day that you

right in front of you. a day.


subterranean construct and some words

I am interested in figures. I am interested in landscape. I am interested in the abstract qualities that figural and landscape painting can suggest. I am interested in form. I am interested in erasure. I am interested in the moments we miss because we are moving so fast. I am interested in absence, presence and the sound of color.  All of these sensations occur in the visible world in a synchronistic moment. I am interested in tall tales, imaginary monsters, vessels that contain the sea, concrete grass lines, divisions, bones, horizontal surfaces that become vertical, color, fields and lines, bodies and ground. I am taken by riddles.

I paint what I see.  Painting is an action, a verb. After a few hours of painting my shoulder aches because I paint with a full arm. It feels good, like the painting is continuing in me, even though it is now over there, a noun - an entity - breathing, yelling, laughing - having a life of it's own.

In progress. detail of a larger painting.


subterrene one

subterrene one, 36" x 24"oil paint, acrylic and graphite on canvas

Every painting is a wrestle with monsters.