subterranean construct and some words

I am interested in figures. I am interested in landscape. I am interested in the abstract qualities that figural and landscape painting can suggest. I am interested in form. I am interested in erasure. I am interested in the moments we miss because we are moving so fast. I am interested in absence, presence and the sound of color.  All of these sensations occur in the visible world in a synchronistic moment. I am interested in tall tales, imaginary monsters, vessels that contain the sea, concrete grass lines, divisions, bones, horizontal surfaces that become vertical, color, fields and lines, bodies and ground. I am taken by riddles.

I paint what I see.  Painting is an action, a verb. After a few hours of painting my shoulder aches because I paint with a full arm. It feels good, like the painting is continuing in me, even though it is now over there, a noun - an entity - breathing, yelling, laughing - having a life of it's own.

In progress. detail of a larger painting.

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