on women: 1

my mother is a retired nurse. my father is a retired social worker. he is the former Director of Children's Welfare for the City of New York. they met at work. they are beautiful, and loving. they also hold different political beliefs than me, but that doesn't matter. they raised me to believe i can do what i want to do in life and succeed without having to act like a man or limit myself because of gender.
they paid very close attention to me as an individual and fostered all that was inside.
they taught me about possibility.

my grandmother helen worked with my grandfather paul to run the financial side of his contracting business. they had 3 children. louise page, my husband's grandmother, ran a profitable building supply company in ocean springs, mississippi for decades. she and her husband andy had 8 children.
the business was louise's idea.

my great-grandmother anna ran the financial end of the businesses she shared with my great-grandfather giovanni. they came here from Italy before the turn of the century and successfully owned a considerable amount of property in brooklyn. they had 12 kids.

i am a mother artist architect. i grew up in the 70's and 80's in brooklyn. i took the subway to manhattan to take art and graphic classes at FIT when i was 13 years of age. i spent a lot of time in my grandfather's shop watching him build things. i learned how to use his tools.

there was never a question in my mind that i could not do anything because of my gender, race or age.
in my family, men and women worked collectively as intelligent equals.
i am not used to women being restricted by gender, race or age, mostly because i refuse to believe these limitations, though i admit they exist in our country.
i've seen glass ceilings, but view them as temporary obstacles.
i believe fear as an underlying current is one of the worst abuses of power, peace and creativity in the world.

why is the restriction of women in America becoming an issue now, in 2012?