hunter gatherer

in between painting series i walk around with my camera finding things that catch me. hunt and gather.
textures, transparencies, color, visible sounds, patterns, moving light, daily gifts of scaleless infinity.
i'm interested in these new discoveries and the implication they have in thinking about new paint.

so i think with my hands, body and eyes and then details in paint show up that may tie back to things i find fascinating in the world.
detail from drift. 2012 currently at the defoor centre.
hum, 2012, currently at the defoor centre.

detail from our notice sudden is. 2012 currently at {Poem 88}
work from the red series at:


Opening: Solo

opening night for my solo exhibition at The Forum Gallery at The Defoor Art Centre, Atlanta. 
summer show
june 10th through august 30th

i also have work in the summer show at {Poem 88}
here is a link to the opening night photos.


Opening: Living Color Redux

opening night for the summer group show at {Poem 88} in Atlanta was June 2nd, 2012.  it was grand.

"For our summer exhibition, {Poem88} presents Living Color Redux: a second look at the formal aspects of color expressed in the work of David D’Agostino, Ryan Coleman, InkYoung Chun
Helen Ferguson Crawford, Ryan Nabulsi, and Drew Tyndell. 
In both non-objective and representational works, these artists rely on the relationships of color and form in vibrant, luscious, meditative and even mysterious ways." - {Poem88}

about {Poem 88}

Living Color Redux
June 2 - July 28, 2012
opening reception: Saturday, June 2, 7pm
artist talks: Saturday, June 16 and Saturday, July 21