our notice sudden is

1. scale
2. territory
3. boundary

what quantifies a territory?  is it the edges of your street haunt?  the changes in the sidewalk pattern struck by a mason's line; your private my public?  it is the difference between our grasses?  mine unruly and meandering, dotted with flowers and undesirable strays of alien weeds and yours so manicured and straight?  is it the avenue and the beginning of the bay, where the city falls off into salt?

our notice sudden is she said.  i can't help this obsession with tiny shifts of territory, scale and texture.

i can't help but notice that my skin is full of landscapes so infinite that i am a walking universe of waterfalls, islands, and butterflies changing the course of history with the swipe of my arm.

our notice sudden is, 12" x 12" oil, acrylic and graphite on panel.

installation photo, {Poem 88}, Atlanta

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