studies on paper

this fall i am going to work on paper paintings, experimenting and pushing ideas that have been floating around for a while without an outlet. when i start a new painting i never have a total idea, in fact i may just have a story,  word, a line or a small brush stroke.  a painting is immediate for me. it grows, halts, stalls, flows, is scraped away, carved, erased until it is done.  missteps are embraced as a place to be lost. 

i suspect these works may provide a small gesture for larger works in 2013. 
i plan on having a many of these pieces because my hands just cannot help it. 
i suspect they will continue to become their own series on paper that can stand alone as a body of work.

square 01, square 02, and square 03 are currently on exhibit at
One Twelve Gallery.  click here for the link to the opening.

9" x 9" studies on paper (for large paintings on canvas.) 
square 01
 square 01 - close up.

square 02
square 02 - close up.

square 03 
square 03 - close up.

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