this is my studio. we built it ourselves.
it is not big but is full of texture and tactile materials.
through the skylights i watch airplanes circle en route to and from the atlanta airport.
a 100 year old camilla brings small birds to my door.

sometimes i paint outside because i like to listen to the city of atlanta unfold all day.
 (and the weather is splendid most of the year.)

beyond my studio walls the city continues. sirens. box cars. subway trains per every 10 minute interval.
birds. children. shops. restaurants. runners. walkers. cars. trucks. airplanes.


  1. High ceilings count for a lot in studio space; bigness happens in the spirit of the work.

    1. Yes, It is big enough to work on a 72" tall in the front room and a larger work 72 x 72 in the back room. (when the back room is clean...)

      Right now I am working in 36" square and 48" square. and 8" square!

  2. Thank you for following me on Twitter, Helen. It's a pleasure to meet you, and "visit" your lovely studio. (I was on one of those planes leaving Atlanta last Thursday, returning home after visiting in-laws.)

  3. Very nice studio, it looks like a very inspiring place to work.
    I like listening to the sounds of Atlanta while I work too, it helps me feel connected and inspires my imagination.