tree line

i think tree lines are creepy.  sometimes i think "landscape" is creepy.
old tree lines planted in perfect spacing across fields are like ghosts left over from other people's worlds.  to pass through them is to trespass and cross a warp in time.  a fold in the landscape. 
when they are far in the distance they tell you the limit. that's as far as you can go. they are not natural. but neither is landscape. 

on landscape read here.

tree lines. 2012
conte crayon as paint, oil, acrylic and acrylic polymer on imprinted gesso board.


  1. I am so surprised by this, that tree lines are "creepy"! Trees lining cornfields, often black locust, are wonderful when bare of leaves against a twilight sky, or shrouded in fog. I love them!

    1. Yes they are beautiful, and remnants of someone else's life. It's the memory and imagining of someone else's life that is fascinating to me, spatially, historically and through folk lore. (we have a farm). i write about it often, usually with wonder. h