two paintings

a few of my paintings are in the current inventory at {Poem 88} in Atlanta's Westside Arts District. 
if you are by the gallery checking out the latest exhibition, events or passing by, ask to see them! 

each painting is oil paint, acrylic and graphite with polymers. 24" x 24" on canvas.

marauder, 2012

red wary vessel, 2012



this is my studio. we built it ourselves.
it is not big but is full of texture and tactile materials.
through the skylights i watch airplanes circle en route to and from the atlanta airport.
a 100 year old camilla brings small birds to my door.

sometimes i paint outside because i like to listen to the city of atlanta unfold all day.
 (and the weather is splendid most of the year.)

beyond my studio walls the city continues. sirens. box cars. subway trains per every 10 minute interval.
birds. children. shops. restaurants. runners. walkers. cars. trucks. airplanes.


tree line

i think tree lines are creepy.  sometimes i think "landscape" is creepy.
old tree lines planted in perfect spacing across fields are like ghosts left over from other people's worlds.  to pass through them is to trespass and cross a warp in time.  a fold in the landscape. 
when they are far in the distance they tell you the limit. that's as far as you can go. they are not natural. but neither is landscape. 

on landscape read here.

tree lines. 2012
conte crayon as paint, oil, acrylic and acrylic polymer on imprinted gesso board.