what's going on?

i've been thinking about a few phrases i wrote down in a book a few months ago.
they play over and over in my head daily. i've given them a rhythm, like a short sing song:

"the impossibility of being everything to everyone."  
"outwardly tidy and conventional".

(the key word here being outwardly.)

i'm interested in paint. as a material it really hasn't many boundaries. we use it everywhere we dwell. 
it covers everything.

i'm interested in more than one level of audience for my work.
if one wants to see the mark making and transparencies. (which I do labor over) 
or implied imagery in only one way. ok.
if one sees the traces of disquiet and disruption of the surface and senses unease amid the color play, figure, erasure and scraping then I am happy.

the key sensation here is disquiet.

why do phrases scribbled in a notebook play over like a mantra in my head each day, 
"the impossibility of being everything to everyone." and "outwardly tidy and conventional"? 
because everyday i am in a place oscillating between scared and profane; what is outermost visible and innermost smoldering like a slow burn.

this new work will indirectly reference back to a drawing from last year entitled riddle. 

what am i doing right now in my studio?

working in collage on small squares of paper, carrying a sketchbook everywhere, exploring stainless steel fasteners, hardware stores, photographing things for future use and building canvases that are shaped like this with a 1:3 proportion: stay tuned. this will take a while.

studies for assembled canvases below:


impromptu poem

I want
Someone to say, 
"I know where you have been,
What a #%*^% miracle."

(well, not really. but maybe.)

I don't need that, you see.
What I get from all this is
A deep understanding 
The Impossibility of Being
Everything to Everyone.


(direct aside, with red tape)
April 2013