fruit flies in your studio? - a non-toxic photo essay.

i think fruit flies like the linseed suspension of oil paint.
anyway, they are in my studio.
(i don't eat in there, really)
so here is the easiest, non toxic way to get them to go away. kitchen, bathroom, studio, etc.

-  you need  -

a mason jar that narrows to the top
warm water
a lemon
apple cider vinegar
a fruit or vegetable smelling hand soap

1. fill jar half way with warm water and squeeze half a lemon in the water. mix.
2. drop the lemons in the jar.
3. add some soap and fill with water so that the head of the jar is filled with sweet bubbles.
4. add a few ounces of apple cider vinegar to top it off.
5. wait. repeat/refresh. you can use the same lemon for a few days.
works all summer in your studio, kitchen, and more.