summer is short.
10 weeks.
regenerating, observing, documenting, searching.
here's what happened.

an airplane

visit to birthplace
central park
 catching "Boxer at Rest",  Roman 4th century bc during it's short visit to New York
 quiet time gazing at favorite ceilings at 
the new york public library
and grand central station.
time on my favorite fjord, the hudson
 thinking and sketching,
a studio visit with art critic, Cinque Hicks
some painting
visit to the farm in alabama
with some field driving.
 a few road trip games.
studying the design of a classic car,
and lamenting the loss of my first super car...(boo).
diego rivera and frida kahlo at the high.
lounging with family in long island.
a tea party,
 some architectural work,
preparing for a show in August in Atlanta.
lining up exhibitions for 2014.
and most importantly,  spending the next 3 weeks with my kids, (limiting the iPad...).

in early august i return to my studio.
8am to 2pm or more.