outwardly tidy and conventional: digital collage project

southeastern, 12" x 12" digital c-print/collage

series: "outwardly tidy and conventional"

i have been working in between digital collage and painting. 
The collages are small; the paintings are large.  

i begin with box store magazine images which depict consumer goods that *should make us happy: pillows, rooms, cocktails, bliss, parties, holidays, flowers, picnics,...and insert carefully selected photographs from my own life into the collage. together the catalog photo and my photos from real life events stand together. in this work i explore basic themes: love, loss, death, loneliness, solitude, anger, pressure, silence, and paint. 

the collages take on the structural form of "altar pieces", devoted to both profane and domestic imagery. the paintings take the form of the collages. canvases are assembled.  during the long painting process, i work between the collage and painting.  as both change with development, they form a cross conversation. the individual collages then increase in number as they inform, alter and document the painting process. 

panel/assembled layout diagram

the impossibility of being everything to everyone, 
12" x 12" digital c print/collage

i work between the painting and new generations of the collages.

the impossibility of being everything to everyone 2, 
12" x 12" digital c print/collage

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