about a line: photo essay in spatial section

above the line where space continues.

at the line, where elements meet, co-mingle and transform. 

and below the line where space continues.

this is how i think about some things. expansive. how about you?
photography by me.


  1. expansive
    , yes

    the opposite of expansive
    , yes

    the line is not only the starting point for those things
    for above, the above, below, the below, left, the left, right, the right
    , but the line itself begins there
    the voyage inwards

    which in the end is 'expansive' to
    , but still
    the arrow points inwards

    maybe some kind of recursive infinity
    instead of expansion ..

  2. Interlictspielhaus: thank you for posting and looking.
    yes, to me expansion happens in many directions, and at many scales. so recursive infinity is also expansion. Best, Helen